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Cover Song

Cover Song

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We will write and record a cover of any song you choose!

We take 4-6 weeks to complete a track, and only take on 5 at a given time.

If you agree to this stuff, then let's get rolling:

✅ We will not cover anything racist, profane, political, misogynistic, etc. If we feel uncomfortable with your choices, we'll ask you for more options, or send you a refund.

✅ We (Softspoken, LLC) own the master recording of any covers we record, and have the sole decision-making power as to whether or not a song is released publicly.

✅ (If Released) All custom cover songs will appear on streaming platforms under our alter ego "The Speakers", and not as an official Softspoken release. (This is just to ensure our algorithms remain intact).

✅ You get royalties, too! We'll split the streaming royalties 50/50 with you. We'll pay you every quarter either with $, or with a gift card to our store (your choice).

If that all sounds good, let's get to it!

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