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We are Softspoken, a four-piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA. We stylize our sound as "modern post-hardcore", but we fall somewhere in the hard rock spectrum.

We grew up in the scene of the late 2010s (during the Warped Tour era) and the sounds and sights that we experienced during that time continue to influence our approach to writing and performing to this day.

Music connects, and music heals. No matter where you're from, whatever your background, whatever you've been through or are going through now, music has the power to heal.

The music we create is a way for us to maintain our own balance in life, but also a way for us to connect with like-minded people who also see the importance of authenticity in art.

We strive to maintain who we are in what we do, while also encouraging those who support us to "be you".

Our Story

Did you know that Softspoken started in Japan?

Curious why we're called Softspoken in the first place?

Ever wondered why the vocals on Pathways don't sound like Sam? (hint: it isn't Sam)

We're telling it all!

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